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Did you know this about Buckmasters Expo?

By Tim H. Martin

Here's a little something you might not know about Buckmasters:

Back around 1986, Jackie Bushman traveled to several deer shows in order to get the word out about his new company, Buckmasters.

Jackie was basically working the shows all alone in those early days, which included loading and unloading his heavy booth equipment, then trying to somehow find a way to get it to his booth space.

He quickly became discouraged about how unbelievably difficult it was to move all his heavy gear across the enormous floor spaces. Plus, there were always the difficulties of parking, offloading, reloading, carrying everything to the booth, registering and then having enough energy left to do a three-day show.

After the shows ended, the process repeated itself in reverse, leaving Jackie completely exhausted. And, nobody at any of the shows ever lifted a finger to help.

When Jackie started the Buckmasters Expo, he vowed to help the vendors move in and out at no extra charge, especially the struggling smaller companies that didn't have additional help.

From the moment a vendor pulls into to the Convention Center loading dock, a crew from Buckmasters is waiting there with loading carts, ready to assist booth-holders. We help bring their gear directly to their booth sites, point them to registration and instruct them where to park. When the show ends, we help wheel whatever remaining merchandise they have back to their vehicles.

Did you know this about Buckmasters Expo?And here's something else you might not know: every able-bodied male Buckmasters employee drops what he is doing to chip in and help the vendors move in. It doesn't matter whether they are artists, cameramen, editors or Customer Service personnel; everyone lends a helping hand.

As a 15-year veteran of Expo move-in/move-out, I have numerous battle scars, but it's always satisfying to receive a heartfelt "thank you" from vendors who sincerely appreciated the assistance, particularly the ones with little or no extra help.

For the past two years, the Auburn University in Montgomery baseball team has volunteered their time, as well. They have been a true blessing to some of us older Buckmasters employees whose backs ain't what they used to be.

So if you've purchased a booth space at the Buckmasters Expo, simply pull around to the loading dock and look for a crew of guys waiting for you with red carts. We are there to help move your equipment from point A to point B so you'll have a wonderful and less exhausting Buckmasters Expo. Bet you never knew that!

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