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Determination changes things

Stephen FergusonBy Stephen Ferguson

-- Although I have been hunting for several years, I’ve never taken a really good buck that I’ve  been happy with, so last year my son and I were determined to change that.

We’d been scouting for a week and knew where we were going to go, so we headed toward the blind in a foot of snow.  After an hour and a half hike, we finally got to the spot we’d chosen. We saw two nice mule deer and we’d decided he was going to take a huge 5 by 5. My son aimed but missed because he had buck fever.  So I was on it. I pulled up my rifle with the new scope and fired. I dropped him right there.

My son and I both reloaded and were getting ready to go get him when a big 3 by 4 came through. My son pulled up and, boom, he hit the buck—a direct heart shot. His buck fell about five yards out, almost on top of mine.

We went out to claim them, both monsters. My buck was in the 180 class, and my son’s buck was in the 150 class, I left to get the four-wheeler and while I was gone, my son skinned  both bucks. By the time I returned he had both capes rolled up in his pack, and had removed the antlers. We hung the meat from a tree, and left the camp to hunt for elk because my son also had an elk permit.

After a search, we ended up not finding elk, and as we headed back, my son said there was something was in the trees. He moved ahead, and loaded his gun. He walked a little ways before I heard a shot. It was an elk. I helped him skin, gut and quarter it and we headed back toward camp. When we got there, we found a coyote eating my deer! I used my .357 magnum and boom, no more coyote.

That ended up the best hunting trip we’ve ever had, and we walked out of there with two good deer, one good elk, a coyote and three cottontail rabbits. We had deer roast and elk that Thanksgiving.

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