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Defiance in Nature

By Floyd Parr

-- I consider myself to be in tune with nature. I have gone through life enjoying the bounties that the great outdoors has to offer. A recent walk into work was no different.

I noticed that there was a lot of critter activity going on that day. The ducks that hang around the area were whistling. Even the rabbits were out in the parking lot chasing each other.

As I approached the side of the first building I walk by every day, I noticed some movement along the edge of it. The building has a grove at the base which is about 6 inches deep and 9 inches tall. A field rat was running along side of me in the grove. It was scurrying along, and when I stopped, he stopped and when I moved, the rat moved. This seemed odd but I really didn't give it a lot of thought at the time.

As I neared the end of the building, the grove stopped. I said goodbye to the rat and turned to go into the door of the building a few feet away. Then all of the sudden, something caught my eye. I turned around and looked back at the rat.

There, to my surprise, was a large crow standing by the grove. The crow pecked into the grove twice, and then it pecked a third time and grabbed the rat in its bill.

That crow just scored a big rat!

The crow then flew up about 7 feet into the air and dropped the rat. The poor bugger landed on its back with its feet up in the air and little beady eyes closed. I watched it lay there a second. A few seconds later the crow landed by the rat. The crow turned its head sideways looking at the rat and then it reached down to grab the rat again. To my surprise the rat jumped up and grabbed the crow by the neck with its teeth.

Let me tell you that the crow's eyes were big as saucers as it scrambled with that rat. The crow managed to throw the rat off and took off flying away as fast as it could.

The rat sat there a minute looked around, then put its little chest out and walked off. As I stood there I couldn't believe what I saw. I swear that rat played possum on that ol' crow. Like I said at the start, nature offers up many bounties including entertainment.

This is a 100 percent true story and happened exactly as told.

Floyd Parr
Houston, Texas

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