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Deer Hunting's Public Enemy #1: A Buck's Nose

-- Deer have an incredible sense of smell. Hunters have seen deer react to the scent of wood shavings, where a limb was sawed to open a shooting lane. There's no substitute for paying attention to the wind and staying downwind of where you expect to see a deer.

Since deer and weather do unpredictable things, it is best to rely on cover scents. Raccoon scent should be on the top of most hunters' lists, as raccoons are common just about everywhere. If you're putting out cover scent on the ground, always put it downwind of the stand. On a still day, put it all around the stand since human scent radiates in a circle when there's no wind.

As it gets close to the rut, you can use buck urine as both a cover scent and an attractor. You can also put tarsal glands around a scrape you're hunting. Use the tarsal gland from a buddy's buck, or if you visit a meat processor or state check station, you can usually pick up a few extra tarsal glands. You can also use the urine from a freshly harvested doe as both an attractant and cover scent.

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