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Deer Hunting Convert

By Becky Novak

Whitetail DeerIt’s not every day that I get up at crack of dawn for something I don’t have to do, but I decided to go deer hunting with my boyfriend to see what it was all about.

The alarm sounded at 4 a.m. All I wanted to do was shut it off and go back to sleep. If I did that, though, I wouldn’t be a very good hunting partner, so I decided be a champ and get up.

After arriving at our hunting area, my boyfriend, Luke, and I walked for about 2 miles to find the perfect little spot, and sat underneath a tree.

About 30 minutes into the hunt, I began complaining about the cold and asking questions like “How much longer before we can we leave?” A couple of hours was not the answer I wanted.

I decided to take a nap to help pass the time. Soon, we were greeted my two does that almost ran on top of us. Now I was awake! I was ready to be part of the hunting experience.

Twenty more minutes passed, and out came a buck. Luke got prepared and took the shot. We were surprised when the animal ran toward us. Luke kept looking through the scope and realized he’d completely missed the deer.

Now the buck was standing just 20 feet from us. I had never seen anything like it. As Luke got ready to shoot again, the most amazing buck I’ve ever seen emerged from the same place the other deer had.

This buck was awesome. He had a beautiful rack and body. Everything was perfect.

Luke took the shot at his buck of a lifetime. I immediately jumped up and took off running toward the deer.

“Sit down and be quiet!” Luke hissed.

Today!I started shaking. The adrenaline rush was like nothing I’d ever experienced. After Luke had me calmed down and ready to act normal, we went to track the deer.

I couldn’t help it, I took off running through the trees and right to the place the beautiful 13-point buck lay. The only thing I could do was cry! I was happy for Luke and extremely happy I had decided to go with him.

I now understand why men and women are so proud of their trophies. It takes a lot of hard work and time to collect a big whitetail.

After that hunt, I decided to become a deer hunter myself and get my own hunting license. I won’t promise to get up at 4:00 every morning, but I will try to stay calm and collected when another huge buck appears.

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