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Deer Diary

By Christie C. Williams

Deer Diary By Christie C. WilliamsMy husband and I are at deer camp. On Friday morning, we head to our stands to get ready for opening morning. The excitement builds as we see lots of deer tracks, scrapes and rubs.

Back in camp, we have a delicious meal of fried crappie with all the trimmings. After dinner, we prepare our gear to hunt the next morning.

We awake to the smell of coffee brewing. We have a hot cup of coffee, grab our gear and head to the woods. I am in my stand before daylight.

I have a wonderful stand built by my husband. It is very comfortable with a swivel seat so I can turn and look all around me. I see lots of deer, mostly spikes and does. We head back to camp around 10 a.m. to have some breakfast and take a nap.

We go back to the stands around 2 p.m. My husband is hunting about 900 yards behind me. We have our cell phones on vibrate so we can call without making a lot of noise.

About 4:00, Kent calls me. I tell him I had a spike in front of my stand, and it kept looking back toward a slough.

About that time, I see him – a beautiful 8 point. I tell Kent, “I have to go!”

I drop the phone because I am so excited. I catch it between my knees. I grab my gun and shoot. The deer drops in his tracks. I call Kent back and tell him the buck is down.

I am so happy! I finally have my first buck. I think my husband is just as excited as I am. He worked really hard to help me get my buck.

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