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By Chris Brown

So I have two days to see all I can see and get as much video and new scoop as I possibly can. Did I mention this is my first ATA show? place is crazy, We are in Columbus, Ohio and the convention center here is filled wall to wall and then some with everything Archery. I mean everything, as well as clothing, optics, outfitters, personalities, you name it!

First order of business was getting a feel for the place and checking it all out. This place is pretty impressive size wise, so two days may be stretching it.

First stop is at Wildgame Innovations.  We saw their new trail camera with every option you would ever want on a trail cam, I mean every option. Next, Matt Busbice showed us the new top secret APP they have coming out in a week or so for the smart phone and tablet savvy crowd on ALL the products they have to offer. Some cool stuff coming. Stay tuned here for more.

Millennium Tree StandsNext was upstairs to a conference with Easton. Did you know Easton is celebrating its 90th Anniversary? Well they are doing it in style! Today they introduced the new Deep 6 line of broadheads along with the new Injexion arrows. This is some sweet looking stuff with some technology that will make your head spin.  With broached names like "Killzone", "Blood Runner" and "The Big Nasty," Easton is moving forward to make sure you put a big deer down and quickly! Check their Deep Six and injection arrow video here. Cool stuff!

Next was Millennium Tree Stands. They have some super affordable lock-on stands that are very nice. Priced at $100 and $150 bucks respectively and these two stands are sweet. I will have one in a nearby tree when the season rolls around next  year I feel pretty sure of that. We will be rolling some video out on these shortly here on the blog so stay tuned.

For all you ladies out there, Prois has some great looking clothing on the way. I mean good looking stuff that would look way better on ya'll than on me. Some base layer stuff and more so  look for first hand video on it shortly too. in the meantime check out there stuff here.

www.tenzingoutdoors.comOnce we finished up with the ladies we made one last stop. Tenzing Outdoors is a brand new group that is making some serious noise at the show. Introduced this morning to the public, Tenzing has developed a number of hunting packs that quite honestly, when I get home, I am selling the pack I have and I am buying one of these. Honest. These packs are the absolute bomb. I have included two pictures that feature what I am looking for in a pack, lots of adjustments, lots of compartments and one big main compartment. If you are a serious hunter looking for a serious pack, Tenzing has you covered.

Now let me say this, Tenzing Outdoors is not just a pack company, these are just some of the first products the company is putting out. Some of the other stuff we saw, like a carbon fiber bow case and a few other items will certainly set them a part.  Check out their entire line here.

So Day 1 is in the books and while it may not seem like I saw a lot, its literally Archery overkill. For a newbie into the archery game, I am in archery heaven.

More to come!

-- CB

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