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Curiosity Killed The Bird

KullmanBy Thomas W. Kullman Sr.

-- I was going in the woods since we were blessed with our first open turkey season in Suffolk, Va. I had scouted the woods around the camp site but it appeared that a lot of people had the same idea. So I went to my second location of choice.

There was nothing but silence after the sun rose. I stayed until about 8 a.m. and then went back to camp to see if anyone had shot a turkey. My fellow hunters were nowhere to be found. It happened to be a weekday, and they had to go to work. Luckily for me, I had the day off.

Eventually, I headed back into the woods where I originally planned to hunt. I set up, waited about 15 minutes, and then used a hen call. I could hear a gobble far off in the distance so I sat there for what seemed about an hour.

As I looked through the trees, I could see a tom moving away from me. I hit the hen call again. The tom fanned out, turned around and started to come in. I sat there watching this turkey looking for a hen. The bird came closer and let out a big gobble that made my skin crawl.

I sat motionless. The tom came closer and closer. It fanned out again and turned around. I readied my shotgun as the gobbler kept coming my way. It turned around and walked out of my sight.

I was willing to do almost anything to get this huge bird back in my sights.

I belted out another call that brought the tom back to me and took the shot. The tom stumbled backward and then ran right at me. I had to take a second shot in self defense. This is how I harvested my first turkey. The bird weighed 23 1/2 pounds and had an 11-inch beard and 1 3/4-inch spurs.

Thomas W. Kullman Sr.
Chesapeake, Va.

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