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Comparing Deer Within The BTR

If one wished to compare, in detail, one deer with another in the BTR listings, he should compare deer within a specific classification with other deer having approximately the same percentage of irregular inches of antler in their scores. Naturally, in the case of antlers in the Perfect category, there are minimal irregular inches of antler, so these racks may be evaluated by the face value of their BTR score. However, antlers in the Typical, Semi-Irregular, and Irregular categories will have a certain percentage of irregular antler. A Typical deer scoring 150 points, including three percent of irregular inches, may easily be cross-referenced and compared with other deer having similar scores and percentages of irregular antler. For this reason the percentage of irregular inches is shown for each animal in its respective BTR listing. Accurate comparison is possible without having a separate category for each possible percentage of irregularity. The same method of comparison holds true for antlers in the Semi-Irregular and Irregular categories. In reality, every rack's score and percentage of irregularity becomes a category unto itself. The listings in the BTR enable exhaustive comparison of similar racks.

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