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Cold Weather Bow Practice

Cold Weather Bow Practice

By Chris M. Balizan

If you're a late season bowhunter, you likely haven't target practiced while wearing your bulky hunting clothes.

I highly recommend you practice shooting your bow with all the layers and warm clothes you'll be wearing in an actual cold weather hunting situation.

You'll quickly see the huge difference all those extra layers make in your ability to draw your bow. The bulk hinders the process of aiming so when it comes time to raise your arm, everything will be different.

Fat jacket sleeves are one of the main reasons bowhunters miss in cold weather because of strings accidentally slapping against them. Practice while wearing your jacket before heading to the deer stand, and you'll be able to troubleshoot problems. You might discover other unforeseen glitches bulky clothing might present during practice.

When it comes time to draw back on a monster buck, you don't want any surprises.

That's why practice should replicate everything you will encounter in the stand, including wearing layers of insulation and heavy winter gear.

Editor's Note: I have a friend who wore a head net to protect himself from mosquitoes in early season, but never practiced using it before putting it on in the treestand. On the first hunt with the head net, a nice buck came to my buddy's food plot. When he drew his bow, his release caught the mouth hole, pulling the netting completely over his eyes. He couldn't see a thing! That's a case where not practicing in actual hunting gear cost someone a wallhanger. - Tim H. Martin/Buckmasters Online Editor

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