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Cloth Bow Case Carrier

Cloth Bow Case Carrier

By Roger Hanneman, Buckmasters Life Member

If you've ever walked to your stand on a cold morning while wearing a coat, you're fully aware of how much you can sweat. This happens even when temperatures are well below freezing.

You're also probably aware of how quickly sweat can freeze and make you shiver soon after you settle into your stand.

Smart hunters use a backpack to carry their coats or coveralls to the stand, and they wait to put them on when they arrive. But there's another way.

A backpack isn't always big enough to carry all your gear along with winter clothing, especially heavy coats or bulky coveralls. I use an old cloth bow case to carry my bulky items to the stand. It has a handle, it's quiet and holds a lot of gear.

Most hunters have an old cloth case they can put to use, but if you don't, you can find them to be fairly inexpensive at most sporting goods stores.

Treat the cloth case just as you would any other item of clothing, and make sure it has been washed in scent-free soap and sprayed with odor-killing products before you take it to the field.

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