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Close your eyes for a better shot

Shooting well consistently with a compound bow depends largely on muscle memory. The more you think about a shot, the more likely you are to mess something up.

Tip of the Week

Unfortunately, its difficult to focus on form while also trying to hit a bulls-eye. One of the best techniques for working on form is to stand just a few feet from a large target, and then close your eyes and take shots while concentrating on making a clean, smooth release.

The more you do this, the more you teach your body to make a clean release while shooting with your eyes open.

Reader Tip of the Week:
"Wind direction made easy"
Instead of using powder or other devices to detect wind direction, I actually tie on a 5 inch piece of white thread to the front of my stabilizer on my bow.  So when I need to check wind direction, I look at my bow and I can see by the movement of the thread which way the wind is blowing.  With this method I never have to worry about forgetting or running out of material.
-- Greg Walker / Huntingdon, PA

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