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Click, Click, Boom

RosarioBy Al Rosario

-- This is an untypical story about how I harvested a non-typical 12-point buck.

It was 9:35 on opening morning, and I saw a big doe about 50 yards away walking slowly from my right to my left. Naturally, I start looking for a buck, which, as suspected, happened to be about 20 yards behind the doe, and just 45 yards away from me.

A few seconds passed and the buck presented a perfect broadside shot. The wind was in my favor, flowing in the opposite direction the buck was moving. I shouldered my rifle, sighted-in and squeezed the trigger. "Click." I immediately thought that I didn't put a round in the chamber. After all, it was dark when I made it to my stand.

My mind raced as I carefully pulled back the bolt. To my surprise, there was a round in the chamber. I thought maybe the firing pin didn't set correctly when I loaded the rifle. I rammed the round back into the chamber. At this point, 10 seconds had gone by.

I looked up and spotted the buck still in the same location. I squeezed the trigger again. Another ominous "Click" sounded. With that, I threw a new round in the chamber and readied myself for the shot. By this point, the buck had moved within 40 yards of my stand but was fortunately broadside.

I get the deer in my scope and squeezed again. "Boom." Naturally, I wondered if the rifle was going to fire. Down went my trophy buck!

The next day after hunting, I went back into the woods to look for the round that didn't fire. There it was. I could tell that the firing pin hit the primer twice. My hunting partners suggested, several times, that I forgot to put a round in the chamber. Here was my evidence.

Had the hunt not worked out as it did, I would have had a miserable deer season. But my good fortune yielded the largest deer in weight and number of points taken from our 1,000 acres of hunting property in Missouri.

Al Del Rosario
Weldon Spring, MO

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