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Chlorophyll Capsule Odor Eliminator

Chlorophyll Capsule Odor Eliminator

By Wally Korth

About three weeks before each bow season begins, I stop by my local supplement store and pick up a bottle of chlorophyll capsules.

Chlorophyll is a natural ingredient from plants that deodorizes the body, among other health benefits.

To some people, this might sound a little gross, but once everything you pass begins to turn green, your human odor is pretty much gone.

I also know it's working whenever I work up a sweat and am no longer able to detect my own body odor, which I can do under normal conditions.

I have taken chlorophyll supplements for many deer seasons now, and I can honestly say I have not had any problems with deer coming directly downwind from me. They simply can't detect my odor!

Of course, you still have to make sure to keep your hunting clothes as scent free as possible and scent-absorbing garments don't hurt.

This trick sure has made my hunts more fun, and it's great to watch a buck approach from downwind, cross my path and not hit "the wall."

The only occasions when taking chlorophyll capsules has not worked for me is whenever I got careless about keeping the rest of my gear scent free and had a foreign odor not attributed to my own body.

You can find chlorophyll in most any health or supplement store. A big bottle will last you all season, but make sure to start taking them ahead of time.

As with any natural supplement, there could be side effects, so use good judgment and consult your physician before starting a chlorophyll regimen.

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