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Cheap Camo Face Paint

Cheap Camo Face Paint

By Jason Lamark

I'm a frugal guy and will find ways to cut corners any way I can when it comes to hunting supplies.

One great tip I'd like to share is that makeup is makeup, whether it's marketed as camouflage face paint for hunters or as standard women's facial makeup.

If your wife, girlfriend or sister buys as much new makeup as my wife, it's frustrating to see discarded, yet unused makeup in the garbage bin.

Take advantage of the situation when the ladies buy expensive new makeup and let them know you want their old stuff.

Certain items work better than others in a hunting situation. For face paint, I like discarded lip liner, eyeliner and certain shades of eye shadow. There are many popular earth tones on the market today.

Make sure to look for the long-lasting kind that doesn't smudge and is waterproof.

Of course, if you are a female hunter, you are probably already aware of everything I just mentioned and have a great stockpile of face paint!

So, save up discarded women's makeup and use it next time you run out of camo face paint. The deer will never know the difference!

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