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Lucas Cochren

By Mike Handley

I've heard far more hokey than cool nicknames bestowed upon whitetails. I've even seen fellow bloggers altogether denounce the practice, which has grown more popular because every Tom, Dick and Harriet among TV show hosts thinks viewers love it.

But this is a debate for another time.

Meanwhile, I'll judge them as I hear them. And my hands-down favorite came across my desk this year, referencing a humongous Kansas buck taken by Lucas Cochren in Jackson County. The name is Bankrupt, and Mrs. Cochren, the hunter's wife, gets the gold star.

Her reasoning is that her beloved and his three buddies had collected thousands of trail camera photographs of this buck for three years. Prior to 2011, when Lucas finally decided the deer was big enough, Bankrupt always managed to bust up his rack while fighting.

"He was always broke," she explains.

Is that a perfect name, or what?

Last season, Bankrupt either lost the urge to fight, or other bucks simply gave him a wide berth. After all, squaring off against this 5-year-old would've been akin to bringing a chopstick to a sword fight.

Lucas hunts his family's 1,000-acre farm and an adjoining spread. He and his pals don't consider a buck fair game unless it's 5 years old. At age 3, Bankrupt wore an estimated 180 inches of antler; even more in 2010. But his fifth and final rack was substantially bigger.

He missed a 320-yard poke at the drop-tined Bankrupt on the first Friday of rifle season. A week later, he saw the buck feeding out in a cornfield and didn't.

"It was one of the quickest hunts I've ever had," he told Lisa Price, who is writing his story for the Winter issue of Rack magazine.

Lucas wound up taking Bankrupt to the Monster Buck Classic in Topeka, Kan., last January. There, it was crowned the non-typical "King of Kansas" for 2011.

The King has a BTR score of 230 5/8 inches (251-3 with the spread), which puts him in the state's 17th spot overall.

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