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Caught Cat Napping

PhotoBy Bernie Bailey

-- During the shotgun deer season last November, my brother and I were hunting a lottery hunt in a dismal swamp in Suffolk, Va. It had been a long, hot morning with the temperature around 80 degrees and we hadn't seen very much - only a few small bucks and some does. Around 11 o'clock, we decided to take a walk around and search for some better sign since we were only allowed one scouting day prior to the hunt.

We walked for about an hour and had not seen anything too promising, so we decided to have a little lunch. After we sat down at nice green grassy spot in the shade to cool off and eat some sandwiches, we developed a game plan for the afternoon hunt. We had a few hours before prime time, so my brother took a cat nap. Well, not too long after that, I started dozing off.

So there we were sleeping like a couple of babies. I really don't recall how long we slept, but I was awakened by a noise and something touching my leg. It took a few seconds to get my bearings, and when I opened my eyes, I forgot where I was.

Startled, I jumped up, and to my surprise, it was a nice buck sniffing my leg. It scared me half to death, and I scared him just as much. The buck took off like lightning. As quickly as I could, I grabbed my gun, which had been lying on the ground beside me, aimed and shot.

I was pretty sure I had missed, but the buckshot did its job. The deer only went about 30 yards before crashing. At the shot, my brother had jumped up, scared out of his skin, trying to figure out what was going on. He was cussing me like a mad hen before he finally calmed down.

When I told him what had happened, he didn't believe me at first until I pointed to toward the buck. Boy, was he surprised to see that buck lying there.

I don't know if was cover scent that we had on or if the buck was just that curious, but all in all, it was a good and funny day.

Bernie Bailey
Chesapeake, Virginia 

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