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Can’t Touch This

SanchezBy Nick Sanchez

-- It was my son’s first hunt of the 2007 season. I’d taken him hunting the previous year, but we didn’t see anything.

Jacob, then 5, was so excited about the next day’s hunt that he wanted to go the night before and sleep in the stand. I told him that might not be a good idea because his snoring would scare all the deer away.

We settled into the extra-large box stand before daylight. It was a chilly November morning. Jacob stretched out on the floor of the stand to get a nap. Dawn broke about 6:30, and at a 6:45, four does came cruising through the oak flat.

I gently shook Jacob. "Wake up. There are some deer."

"What?" he responded in a loud voice.

"Shush!" I said. There are some does right there."

He stood up, and I pointed in the direction of the deer. "Let’s be quiet, and maybe they will come closer so we can watch them." 

We had fun observing the does as they munched on acorns. Out of nowhere, Jacob said loudly, "Daddy, I’m hungry!"

The does began to get nervous, ready to run.

"Be quiet and hold your ears," I told Jacob.

Just as I began to pull the trigger, he pulled another "Daddy, I’m hungry!"

Luckily, my shot was true, and the doe dropped in its tracks. "Awesome!" Jacob announced.

After the doe expired, we climbed down from the stand to inspect it. Jacob was fascinated as I explained about harvesting deer for food and how hunting is needed because it helps to control their numbers.

Not wanting to disturb the other hunters nearby, we climbed back in the box stand to wait another couple of hours. We spent the remaining time high-fiving, and we even got to watch a few more deer, too. When the other hunters came by to pick us up, Jacob must’ve thought he was big stuff when he announced proudly, "Look what me and my daddy got!"

I’ve taken just a few deer in my few years of hunting, but this outing was by far the best. You can keep all the P&Y and B&C trophies; just give me a day with my boy in the deer blind.

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