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Call Loudly!

Call Loudly!

By David Corbin

To make noise of any kind goes against the nature of hunting, because remaining silent at all costs is ingrained into every hunter's mind since the day we made our first trip into the deer woods.

One of the mistakes hunters often make when using a grunt call is to call too tentatively or too quietly. Sometimes it's okay to cut loose and make a lot of noise. Especially in the heat of the rut, don't be afraid to hit your grunt call - HARD!

Make it growl and groan, and really reach out there to challenge anything within earshot.

When it's windy, it can be especially difficult for deer to hear calls, so keep that in mind.

Next time you get the chance, try cutting loose and let those big boys know there's another buck ready to take over his territory. Then see what happens!

I know from experience this tactic works. I first saw this buck more than 100 yards away and used my grunt call loudly to bring it to within 35 yards.

Editor's Note: Buckmasters' cameramen are big on experimenting with calls. Whenever you see an opportunity and think bucks are in the mood for a challenge, try David Corbin's tip. Experimentation might lead to a nice taxidermy bill, like David's!

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