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Bucks and the Acorn Connection

Check Out Our Video TipsOak trees of some species are found throughout the range of white-tailed deer. That’s good, because deer love acorns. However, they love some acorns more than others.

White oak acorns are preferred because they have less tannic acid than red oak acorns. White oaks bloom and bear nuts every year, while red oaks bloom one year and produce acorns the next.

Hunter success is the reverse of acorn success. When acorns are abundant and widespread, so are the deer. With deer spread out and not required to move much to feed, hunter success drops.

However, when the acorn crop is diminished, hunters who know where to find alternative foods cash in.

Remember that red oaks bloom the year before they produce acorns, so a late spring frost doesn’t damage them. Also, some white oaks bear nuts even in bad years. Either way, the hunter who knows where to find acorns when acorns are scarce is in a very good position.

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