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BTR Dream Team Scores Big

Hunters bring whitetail racks to Buckmasters Expo to be scored FREE!

By Tim H. Martin

One of the nice aspects of the Buckmasters Expo is that hunters can bring their deer antlers to be scored at no charge.

Aug. 16, 17 and 18, Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records' Dream Team of master scorers will gather in Montgomery, Ala., to measure antlers and teach hunters about the world's most equitable method of antler scoring.

These guys have officially measured countless state and world records for the record book, including all the famous bucks you've seen in magazines and on television. At this show, they're taping all comers, from a kid's first buck to a rack that will threaten any King of the Hill.

If you've ever attended a Buckmasters Expo, you've seen the long green wall of fame, where the scored deer mounts hang. Yours could be there this year!

Having Your Antlers Scored

When you arrive at the Montgomery Convention Center at the Renaissance, gain admission with a can of food at the Tallapoosa Street entrance. Take your deer head (sheds and skulls also welcome) to the BTR registration table and leave it with a Buckmasters staff member. They will help you register and they'll deliver your mount to a master scorer.

BTR Dream Team Scores BigThe staff member will give you a ticket to pick up your deer head, along with a raffle ticket for the chance to win a rifle. You are then free to go enjoy the show or stay and watch the scorer measure your antlers. They welcome questions!

If you can leave your mount until 3 p.m. on Sunday, bring your raffle ticket to the BTR booth for the rifle drawing! The winner must be present when the ticket is drawn.

Remember, there is no charge for having your antlers scored and no charge whatsoever to be included in the next edition of the BTR Record Book, providing it makes the minimum. Entry fees are usually $25.

BTR Record Book Minimum Scores

Official scores do not include inside spread and there are no deductions.

Firearms and Pickups (centerfire rifle, blackpowder, shotgun and pistol) - 140 inches

Archery (compound, recurve, long bow and crossbow) - 105 inches

Sheds - 75 inches, scored as single antlers, not as a pair

Buckmasters Trophy Records

Search the BTR Record Book

If you are coming to Buckmasters Expo 2013, bring your deer antlers, too!

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