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Bro Gets the Big One

Nathan VlcekBy Nathan Vlcek

-- On Oct. 6, 2007, I spotted a monstrous buck out in a neighbor’s bean field. It was walking from the river to their wooded hill at about 9:00 in the morning. To my dismay, I also saw the landowner hunting those woods.

Later that day, I saw two trucks driving back there. Certain that they’d shot the buck and wanting an up-close look at it, I waited until they came out and went to talk to them. Turns out, they hadn’t even seen that deer.

I was thrilled.

Since I was doing so much work on our new house and garage, I didn’t have much time to hunt that fall. In fact, I never even had a chance to pick up my bow. But I did get to see the neighbors hunt their woods relentlessly for two weeks prior to Wisconsin’s rifle season, which opened Nov. 17.

After the first six days, there was no news of a monster being taken. On Friday the 23rd, my brother decided to hunt a small chunk of property that we own close to where I had seen the big buck. I was going to work on my garage with my dad.

At about 10:00, I went to pick up my dad. When we pulled out of the driveway, I saw my brother running down the road in his blaze orange. He’d been hunting half a mile from Dad’s place.

As I was driving to the field to collect his deer, I asked, “So just how big is it?”

I figured it was a big one, but I never imagined it would be the same brute I’d seen earlier in the fall. We measured it at 153 inches as a mainframe 8-pointer with split brows and a kicker off the right P-2.

We wanted to weigh it at the registration station, but their scales weren’t working. We estimate the dressed weight to be around 220 pounds.

--Nathan Vlcek

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