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Braking Curfew

Brian McDannaldBy Brian McDannald

-- My story starts Oct. 3, 2007, around 4 p.m. I called my wife to let her know I was headed to the woods and intended on being at home by dark.

I made it to my spot and climbed up to my treestand. The time passed by slowly. Then, out of nowhere, at least 20 does appeared. All of a sudden the does ran off, and I sat there wondering what I did to scare the does off. I looked up to see a huge buck!

Cautiously, I picked up my bow and pulled back. I waited for my opportunity and let the arrow fly. I waited a little bit before I got down out of the tree as adrenaline pumped through my body. As soon as I hit the ground, the buck jumped up and took off. I backed off and waited at least 10 minutes before making another move.

I walked over to the buck and quickly called my buddy who was bowhunting with me. I decided to play a joke on him. I told him I shot a doe and that I needed his help. When my buddy arrived, he was surprised to see my trophy already loaded in the back of my truck. Needless to say, he was a little disappointed that I got a buck, and he didn't see a single deer on this trip.

I called my wife as soon as I noticed she had tried to call me. She wanted to know what time I was coming home. I'm sure she thought I was crazy because I could not get my thoughts organized enough to answer her question - I was star struck! She said I just kept going on about my buck and never answered her question.

What else can a bowhunter say when there is an enormous11-point buck on the ground?

To this day, my wife lets me know that I cannot keep the HUGE smile off my face when I talk about this awesome bowhunting experience. 

Brian McDannald
Livonia, Missouri

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