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Bowhunter's Extreme Cold Tip

Bowhunter's Extreme Cold Tip

By Stacy Vaccaro

For those of us bowhunters who stick through late season, especially in the north like my home state of Wisconsin, extreme cold weather can be an issue.

Not only can your bow be much more difficult to draw, but your muscles might not cooperate as they normally would on a milder day or earlier in the season.

One way I combat very cold temperatures, keep my arm functioning, and stay a little warmer is to take disposable toe, body or hand warmers and stick them to the shirtsleeve covering the arm I use to draw my bow.

Not only does my body stay a little warmer, but after sitting several hours in the stand, my arm and shoulder muscles are relaxed, warm and functioning. In turn, it's easier for me to draw my bow when a deer steps out.

As a female bowhunter who loves the late season, I've found this little trick helps me sit longer and be able to draw when that opportune shot arrives.

Editor's Note: As a bowhunter who's suffered a separated shoulder, I can attest to Stacy's tip. While bowhunting in Nebraska on a frigid day when the high was 26 degrees, I couldn't draw my bow the first morning. My muscles were simply too stiff and cold. The next day, I used hand warmer packs on my shoulder and arm, and I put toe warmers in my neck gaiter to fix the problem. It works!

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