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Blind Ambitions

PattersonBy James L. Patterson

With a small pile of lumber, some leftover vinyl siding and a few days off from work, I decided to build a box blind to use on a 200-acre lease my buddies and I had just acquired. 

I built the blind on a 4’x4’ postal pallet, using 2x4s for the frame, vinyl siding for the sides and sheet metal for the roof.  I used some 1/8-inch paneling for the sliding windows, with a little bit of window screen on the inside to black it out. Since I would hunt all day in the stand, I made it 6 feet tall so I could stand and stretch my legs.

After two days of effort, the stand turned out great. It could be disassembled into six pieces in about 15 minutes. The main thing was that it was a warm, dry place to sit, even while hunting in the winter.

I placed the blind on top of a knoll beside a logging road overlooking a long ravine. From this vantage point, I can cover about 300 yards of the property.

The first week of the gun season, I decided to hunt from my new blind.  The weather was cold and wet with a 15-mph northwest wind.  I’d packed in provisions for the day, along with a small propane lantern for heat, and was quite comfortable. 

About 1:30 p.m., I spotted a heavy-bodied buck moving along the property line.  I watched as the buck crossed the deep ravine and moved out of sight. About an hour later, he reappeared 85 yards away and headed towards the flat. As he climbed up the side of the ravine, he stopped at a holly tree and began to make a scrape, rubbing his head and antlers on a low-hanging branch.

Through my binocular, I could see he was a nice, heavy 7-pointer and knew it was the buck for me.  I raised my Savage rifle in .270 Win, placed the crosshairs on his shoulder, took a deep breath and pressured the trigger. The buck dropped instantly.

I had to stop and thank God for the experience and the opportunity to take such a nice animal. I then called my wife, my dad and some buddies to share the news. It was awesome!

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