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Blackpowder Wine Cork Trick

Blackpowder Wine Cork Trick

By Scot Waddell

As I was cleaning my muzzleloader after another successful season, I got to thinking about a way to plug the barrel and allow my cleaning solution to soak in the breech for as long as I wanted.

After searching through my garage I found an old wine bottle cork and wondered if it would serve the purpose.

I removed the breech plug in my blackpowder rifle and screwed in the cork. It worked!

With the barrel now blocked at the breech, I poured my cleaning solution down the barrel and allowed it to soak for a while.

When I poured out the solution and removed the cork, I found it only required one pass with my cleaning rod to do the job. The inside of my barrel looked brand new.

I was also pleased to find the technique had aided in removing most of the old breech plug grease from the tight grooves.

Hopefully this wine cork trick will help you save some time and effort in cleaning your muzzleloader and improve the quality of your breech cleaning routine.

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