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Black Hog Down

PhotoBy Roark Russell

-- ENTERPRISE, Ala. -- Misty Morning, aka "The Buckmistress," star of stage, screen, Internet and deer stands, dropped by EA Outfitters "Swine so fine" wild hog hunting operation near Enterprise, Ala. Misty was there to harvest a wild hog and hone her shooting skills before the regular hunting seasons open around the country. Since wild hogs are not indigenous game animals in Alabama, there is no closed season on them.

In September, the forest's undergrowth of wild vegetation is shoulder high and so thick that you can't see your feet when walking in it. That's means one might unexpectedly encounter poisonous snakes, which put Misty into orbit. With that in mind, she chose to utilize pinpoint accuracy to stop a hog in its tracks rather than taking the usual heart or lung shot, which typically requires some tracking.

Earlier in the day, Misty fired a nickel-sized three-shot group with her Model 77 Ruger Ultralite, chambered in .250 Savage. She was confident that she could make a brain shot, which if properly executed, would drop a hog in its tracks like a sack of wet cement.

"The best shot on a wild hog is definitely the brain shot, but you've got to know what you're doin' - and hogs have a lot more brains than you might think," Misty said. "When the hog is standing broadside, imagine a straight line between its eye and the base of its ear and place your shot exactly equidistant from each in the middle of that imaginary line. If you do it right, the hog will never know what hit it. The real key is precise accuracy, that's why I use a rifle that I know will hit a quarter at 100 yards if I do my part."

Misty chose to hunt from an elevated box blind overlooking a hillside meadow surrounded by thick timber. Bruce Jones, owner of EA Outfitters, told her to be ready for business any time after 5:30 p.m., but it was nearly 7 o'clock before the first hog squirted out of the timber into full view. There were others still moving back in the thick goldenrods, but they were reluctant to show themselves. It was a typical hot and steamy September afternoon and the moon would be full, which probably accounted for the late hog movement.

Misty waited as long as she dared and finally decided on the single boar standing in the clear about 80 yards distant. When it turned broadside she steadied her rifle and split that imaginary line with her crosshairs and squeezed off a shot. Before the echo of the shot faded, the hog was piled in a heap, never knowing what hit it. It was the perfect shot - no tracking required. Immediately Misty turned to the video camera with a "Yahoo!" that could be heard all the way back to the lodge.

 "There's no place on earth I'd rather be than right here knockin' the feet out from under wild hogs," she said. "It just don't get no better than this! I've been pining for swine and achin' for bacon but the wait is officially over as of right now! BLACK HOG DOWN - long live the hog!"

EA OutfittersMisty was thrilled with the hunt and hails EA Outfitters as the wild hog capitol of the Southeast - not to mention the availability of their brand new 8,000-square-foot lodge and world-class bass and brim fishing! She's already making plans to return to take a hog with her bow.

EA Outfitters averages 85-percent hunter success rate on wild hogs averaging 200-250 pounds. However, some giants, exceeding 500 pounds, are there for the taking, but they didn't get that big by making mistakes!

Video excerpts of this hunt are posted at You don't want to miss a second of Misty in action! Her unbridled zest for the outdoor experience, while maintaining her sense of femininity, has made her unique among female outdoors personalities.

For bookings and information on wild hog hunting with EA Outfitters, call Bruce Jones at (334) 393-6386.

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