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Birthday Party Buck Call

CapeceBy A.J. Capece

-- A front was blowing in, and to prepare for hunting in the cold weather, I went to the local outdoors store. A half-hour later I came out with three bottles of estrus scent, a bottle of doe urine, a M.A.D. Heat Bleat call and a Knight and Hale Translator. I was determined to get a buck the following Saturday and couldn’t wait to try my new calls. 

The Translator sounded good but seemed a little delicate. Next, I tried the M.A.D. call, but when I blew it, I thought it was broken. It sounded like one of those noisemakers my son brings home from birthday parties.  

I read the instructions and tried again. My wife said, "I hope you didn’t spend a lot for that. I could have got that at a party store for 50 cents."  I laughed and packed it in my bag.

The next morning, I put out five scent wicks and sat patiently. I didn’t see or hear a thing. The temperature was around 20 degrees. Around 7:30 a.m., I decided to take a walk.  After about a half-hour, I sat down and thought, "Why not?  I might as well try the Heat

Bleat party call."  

After blowing and laughing, I decided to play with the reed a bit.  I did this twice. On the third attempt, I went to blow, and the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in Massachusetts, a 10-point, 203-pound deer, was right in front of me at 40 yards.  

I was shooting a bow. I gave one more call, and the buck flanked me on the right. I drew and took him on the spot.

The Heat Bleat is one funny-sounding call, but I swear by it.

--A.J. Capece

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