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Biggest Buck of the Bunch

PhotoBy Jessica Pierce

-- What kind of hunter is scared of bees? That hunter would be me. The first year I went hunting was also the first year my husband introduced me to a gun. Being a person who had never gone hunting or shot a gun, I did not realize all we had to do to get ready for deer season. I grew up watching my dad hunt deer. When he found out I was going hunting he was very excited. He went out and bought all my hunting gear, and my husband taught me to shoot.

While being lectured all year long on gun safety and how to shoot, we prepared the fields. My husband's grandparents own land in Sidney, Texas, and had told us that we could hunt there. I do not own a gun so my husband's grandmother let me use her .243. 

The opening day of rifle season finally rolled around. I was nervous and excited all at the same time, but I was ready.

We live in Dublin, which is about a 45-minute drive to his grandmother's house. When we finally got there and gathered our stuff, we ventured to our deer stands. The one I sat in was awesome. My husband and I built the deer stand together.

I decorated it with pictures of my son and husband to pass the time. I went into the deer stand and got my stuff in position. Ten minutes later, I heard something buzzing around my head. At first I ignored it, but then I realized there were bees in my deer stand. I jumped up and out the door I went, waited a few seconds then I went back in. Within no time I was attacked again. That's when I realized my first day of hunting was over.

For the longest time, my father made fun of me because I did not want to go hunting again. My husband was loving enough to switch stands with me, knowing that there were no bees around his. I wasn't real sure if I wanted to but I had to prove to my father that I could do this.

The day finally came. This time the trip seemed shorter because I was scared I was going to have to fight with the bees again. It was very cold and cloudy that evening with a light mist. I grabbed my gun and my walkie talkie that I carry to call my father-in-law, who waits at the house impatiently just in case we get something.
I got to my husband's deer stand, sat down and waited. I had sat there for maybe an hour and a half when a doe came out. I watched the doe for a while and all of a sudden it flipped up its tail and started looking around. My father-in-law always said once you see a doe flip its tail and look around that nine times out of 10 there would be a buck close behind.

I sat and waited patiently when I noticed water dripping onto my stand and all over my equipment. I slowly reached down to move the stuff, looked back up and saw a beautiful buck walk out of the woods. My heart started beating fast with excitement. However, the buck was not close enough for me to shoot at it.

I got my binoculars out and watched the buck for a few minutes. The buck finally moved close enough where I could see that it had at least eight points. The buck and the doe were eating at the feeder we had set out. I could not shoot yet because the doe was blocking my shot. I got my gun ready and watched through the scope and waited for the right time.

When the doe finally moved out of the way, I flipped the safety off and tried to focus on the right spot. It was nearly impossible to do since I was shaking with excitement.
The time came. I pulled the trigger and down the buck went. It did not run. It simply dropped. I let out the biggest scream ever.

I picked up the walkie talkie and called my father-in-law to tell him I got a buck. I heard the tractor start up, and he was on his way. When he arrived, he starting counting the points on the buck.

He got to eight and kept counting; nine, 10, 11 ... 12. I had taken a 12-point buck! We were so excited. We took the buck back to the house and waited on my husband. I called my father and he was so proud of me that he was going to get this one mounted.

This buck was the biggest one shot on the property or even in my family. My husband was proud of me but also very disappointed that he had given me his stand that day. This happened two years ago and still to this day people pick on him because his wife got an awesome 12-point buck that year from his stand.

That was my first year to shoot a gun or to even hunt and it changed my life forever.

Jessica Pierce
Dublin, Texas

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