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Big Bucks Can Hide in Small Places

-- Most hunters tend to look for big bucks in the most remote, nasty and impenetrable places -- and it's certainly true that your odds of taking a bigger buck are better in places other hunters refuse to enter. 

There are some very successful deer hunters, however, who take record-book bucks using a different tactic with the same principle. Look for small patches of woods that are overlooked by other hunters because of their small size. Also, you'd be surprised how a big buck will make use of a tiny patch of cover -- like a brush pile in the middle of a field -- as its pressure spot. Be the hunter who takes an extra minute to check out these overlooked sanctuaries, and you just might be rewarded with a wall-hanger buck.

Also check out any suburban opportunities. Many suburbs are overrun with deer and are begging hunters to help thin the herds. Because of special regulations, you might have to take a doe first or use primitive weapons, but your reward could be the biggest buck of your life.

By FLBOWHUNTER @ Thursday, September 13, 2007 10:34 AM
Not about hunting in small places. Just wanted to say how I appreciate "Tip Of The Week". A few months ago I read a tip about using archery matches to keep your skills up during non hunting months. I talked to a friend of mine here in Fla. about it. He said that there was an informal one in Wildwood. It got him thinking, so 5 of us brought our 3D targets to his house, he cut shooting lanes in the woods and we started having our own informal shoot. The best parts have been the smoked wild pig, venison, burgers and the hunting talk. Oh yah, we sharpened our archery skills also. Thanks again.

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