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David Darnell | Marengo Co., AL
Irregular | Compound
BTR Score 157 2/8
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Greg Hildebrand Buck BTR Score:171 3/8
By Greg Hildebrand

The 2009 bowhunting season started out very slowly for me. Between work, remodeling the house and family time, I didn’t really start hunting hard until the end of October.

I spent most of my time aloft in a treestand on my friend’s property behind the office, where I saw several s... Read More

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Danny Hawkins Buck BTR Score:234 4/8
By Danny Hawkins

My wife, Laura, and I had been hunting a huge irregular buck on our 80 acres for three seasons to no avail. I first saw the deer chasing a doe across our pond dam in 1996. The next year, my brother, Tony, son Nicholas and I were rabbit hunting when we saw him standing with several does in my al... Read More

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Mike Handley's Blog

Never Assume You've Missed
One reason even veteran deer hunters fail to get more than one shot at a fleeing deer is because they're shocked when the animal doesn't falter or collapse after the first boom. All too often, those who manage a follow-up shot are too rattled to make it count. That might've been the case in Pointe Coupee Parish, La., last December, when Phil Major fired twice at what he calls the local "celebrity buck." The deer, fixated on a doe, didn't react in the least to Phil's first shot, and a quick second round flew wide.

[Read the rest of this article...]

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