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Dean Martin | Pierce Co., ND
Perfect | Modern Rifle
BTR Score 171 2/8
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Harry Prather Buck BTR Score:174 2/8
By Dale Weddle

How do a father and son manage to get into "Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records" with the same deer, when only one of them shot it? Just ask Harry Prather and his son, Tom.

The buck that appears twice in the record book came out of Meade County, Ky., near Fort Knox Army Base... Read More

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Michael Rothman Buck BTR Score:221 4/8
By Mike Handley

Michael Rothman knows cold.

So convinced that, no matter how early his arrival, he was spooking deer out of a cornfield en route to his shooting house, the deer hunter from Bonnieville, Ky., decided to just spend the night in the box blind. It wasn’t as if there were a Scotty, a S... Read More

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Mike Handley's Blog

Buckeye Bookends
Rob Ross and his 13-year-old daughter, Ginny, will never forget Ohio's 2013 deer season, when both shot record-book bucks from the same homemade ground blind, two weeks apart. Ginny was first to fill her tag on the afternoon of Nov. 23, and her father was beside her. "We didn't see this buck until it was practically in our lap, only 30 yards from our blind," she said, the words tumbling lightning-fast from her mouth. "We'd been there for only half an hour." The deer stood behind a bush for maybe 10 minutes, which was almost painful for Ginny. When it finally cleared the bush, she squee...

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