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Andrew French III | Alexander Co., IL
Irregular | Compound
BTR Score 238 6/8
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Randy Cantonwine Buck BTR Score:218 5/8
By Jill J. Easton

Deer hunting has always been more of a social affair for Randy Cantonwine and his landowner pals, who relish the camaraderie of hunting as a group.

They hunt as a team, together but separately. Walkers slip through the timber to push the deer, while standers wait at strategic loca... Read More

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Perry Kise Buck BTR Score:172 3/8
By Mike Handley

One minute, 37 seconds, from the magnificent buck’s surefooted arrival to its hasty and wobbly departure.

That’s how much video footage a pair of teenagers recorded of the biggest whitetail to come out of Knox County, Ohio, in seven years. Brothers a year apart, one filmed while t... Read More

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Mike Handley's Blog

'Warm Hollow' Buck
When the smoke cleared and the buck was no longer in the food plot, Roger Poe began shaking. The hunter from Mt. Olivet, Ky., also imagined the worst: that he must've pulled the shot and missed, or else hit the deer too high. It's always disconcerting when a deer doesn't drop, isn't it? After all, that's why a lot of hunters simply can't manage follow-up shots - though such a thing is almost impossible when one is shooting a smokepole. R.J.'s worries, however, were unfounded. He was hunting opening weekend of the Bluegrass State's 2013 muzzleloader season, so eager to get a crack at...

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