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Jim Twiggs

By Mike Handley

After spending most of Oct. 7, 2012, cutting up fallen trees, dragging the debris to the woods and decommissioning a storm-damaged stand, most hunters would've been happy to spend the remains of the day in a recliner.

Jim Twiggs might've done just that, too, if his buddy hadn't announced that he was going to see the sunset from a deer stand.

Jim's friend, Ted Galbreath, had brought his hunting gear to the farm, so staying to hunt was an easy choice. Jim, however, had to go home to collect his stuff, and then drive back in order to sit in a tree for a couple of hours.

He was in a tree by 5:00, and deer began coming to the alfalfa field, several of them right past his stand, 10 minutes later.

About 6:45, Jim was tempted by a nice 9-pointer. Seeing another, much bigger buck made the decision easy.

Maybe 20 seconds after Jim resolved to take the 40-yard shot with his crossbow, the second buck crossed in front of him.

After the thwack, both bucks took off running along the field's edge, eventually cutting through a gap in the strip of trees. The 24-pointer went to ground in the corn stubble on the other side.

"The left antler was sticking up, but the right side was partially buried in the soft earth," Jim said. "I had to pull really hard to free it from the corn stalks and dirt, and only then did I realize the buck was far more than a decent 10-pointer!"

The Clark County, Ohio, buck was scored two days after Jim let the air out of it (the BTR has no drying period). Its composite score is 222 5/8 inches.

Ed Waite, the man who measured this giant whitetail for Buckmasters, also wrote the story that'll appear in RACK magazine this fall. Don't miss it!

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