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Best Moment, Hands Down!

Taylor Farrar

Ohio girl was computer gamer before monster tamer

By Taylor Farrar

When I was in elementary school, I randomly came across a deer hunting computer game. Believe it or not, that's where my desire to go deer hunting started.

I quickly became extremely interested, and when I was in 5th grade I got my first hunting license. It wasn't until I reached the 8th grade, and Ohio's 2007 Youth Deer Season arrived, that everything changed.

My dad, Chuck Farrar, and I sat in our stand for hours that first day of the Youth Hunt. We'd only had turkeys show up as visitors that afternoon until a small 4-pointer appeared.

Thinking I was about to get to shoot, I got buck fever like crazy, but my father said, "No, let's wait for something bigger to come out."

Taylor FarrarI was so upset! I couldn't believe we'd just let that buck go by, so I sat there pouting with my arms crossed.

We were continuing to watch the small buck graze when it stopped and turned to look at something behind it in the woods. All of a sudden, it took off running.

That's when a huge buck, bigger than anything I've ever seen, came stomping in.

As soon as it stopped, I shot, and it bucked like a bronco. I knew I'd hit it! Then two hours later, I became upset again when we couldn't find my buck.

We were only finding little drops of blood, and I thought I'd messed up that awesome opportunity.

Thankfully, my dad eventually found it a long way from where we thought it would be. I'd hit the buck exactly where I'd aimed, in the lungs, but for whatever reason, it just took it a long time to die. That blew my mind.

The buck ended up being a whopping 250 pounds, with eight points and a 24-inch inside spread.

I can definitely say that was, hands down, the best moment of my life. It's all because my dad taught me to be patient, saying, "Good things come to those who wait."

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