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By Chris Brown

Still drowning in Archery products, but its a cool way to go.

(So a real quick side note as to why the day 2 blog is a little behind, well actually a lot behind.  We finished up day 2 by scrambling to the airport and catching a flight home. We missed our connection in Atlanta and basically thats where the circus began. Thank you Delta, thats all I will say about that.)

So day two kicked off early, very early. With so much cool stuff I had no idea where to start on day 1, but on day 2 I had a game plan or so I thought.

Muzzy DX-3Appointment #1 went off without a hitch. Stop #2, well honestly I am trying to remember stop #2. And stop 3 and stop 4 and stop, well you get the point.  With over 500 exhibitors covering 180,000 square feet of floor space, two days just does not cut it.  I know life's rough.

So for those of you into Broadheads,  we talked earlier about the Easton Injexion Arrows and the Deep Six system with broadheads to match. Well, this is a system designed from nock to tip and not just anything will work with it.  Muzzy has gotten a jump start on developing a broadhead to work with those smaller diameter Injexion arrows. The Muzzy DX-3 is a great little broad head that will work great on this new smaller arrow system so if you are a Muzzy fan like we are then stay tuned we have some video of a few new items from Muzzy as well we think you will like.

Rage BroadheadsAcross the aisle we stopped and talked to Rich with Rage Broadheads. They have 3 new broadheads out with a super wide cut of well over 2.3 inches!  They also have a cool new quiver with 1/4 turn lock system so your broadheads won't rattle. We will have video up on these models soon, as well as a new turkey broadhead they have developed.

Ameristep Magnum TentBefore lunch we checked out some ground blind stuff from Ameristep. The one that caught my eye is a single person chair blind called the Magnum Tent. Designed for the bow hunter with plenty of room and lots of features this little guy is pretty cool. I like to spend a lot of time hunting with a camera so this deal will fit into my arsenal very well. Looking forward to using this one down the road, especially during turkey season.

QuickFletch arrow fletching system from New Archery Products.Being new to archery I quickly adapted the QuickFletch arrow fletching system from New Archery Products. It literally takes longer to boil the water than it does to fletch a dozen arrows. Well new in the QuickFletch line up is a black tube color scheme Quickfletch. This is cool because the ones I have are white and very noticeable.  This black looks super sharp and very sexy. Did I just call a fletching sexy? I do believe I did.

New Archery Apache restOne other product from New Archery is their new and improved Apache rest. If you are in the market for a new rest this one is sharp. Its a full drop away rest with rubber pads on the tips of the opening so its noise free when loading an arrow and it includes felt on the arm of the rest to decrease noise as well. Super sleek, super quiet and just an all around great rest. I am very impressed.

This week we saw a ton of cool stuff and this was only a sampling. We shot a lot of new Gear for Deer video's on products that will be up on the site in the next few days so look for some more in-depth stuff then.

Next week we head to the SHOT show out in Vegas. If I had archery overload at ATA, SHOT will be hunting overload for sure!

I'll be blogging from there as well so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.
-- CB

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