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Ask The Biologist: Using Poast Plus herbicide on food plots

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: I have a food plot with clover, chickory, some triticale, birdsfoot trefoil, oats, and nutigrain peas. Can I use Poast Plus on this plot?
— Tom

ANSWER: Yes. Poast Plus (active ingredient: sethoxydim) is a selective, broad-spectrum herbicide specifically recommended for controlling annual and perennial grass weeds in areas planted in alfalfa, clovers, birdsfoot trefoil, Austrian winter peas and soybeans.

Whitetail Deer

Timing is very important. Poast is a systemic, meaning it enters the weed through its foliage and is then translocated throughout the plant. Therefore, recommended application is postemergence — after the target weed species have sprouted and are actively growing.

Application is most effective when weeds are small — under 8 inches tall. That means it is best to apply early in the growing season. It can be applied after mowing but will be less effective. Do not use it until weeds have reached sufficient height for absorption.

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