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Artificial Christmas Tree Camo

Artificial Christmas Tree Camo

By Dan Graves

For years I've been collecting used artificial Christmas trees from garage sales and thrift stores to use as camo and cover up material on my deer stands.

I have box stands sitting on the ground, and I've attached the limbs from the Christmas trees to them with fence staples, roof and all.

This cheap and easy-to-use resource breaks up the outline of my shooting houses and makes any obviously man-made structure blend in much better with its surroundings.

I suppose you could create your own permanent ground blind by building your structure with hog wire, zip ties and detached Christmas tree limbs.

You'd never have to replace or rebuild the blind because, unlike real trees, the artificial Christmas tree limbs won't deteriorate for many years.

I look for the type of trees that don't have shiny branches so there is no reflectivity to worry about.

The trees with detachable limbs make it easy to cover your stand piece by piece, and you won't have to lug an entire tree to your stand site.

As soon as the holidays are over, start looking for your own artificial Christmas tree deer stand camouflage. That's the best time to find them at their cheapest.

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