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Bill Pulse

By Mike Handley

Bill Pulse’s buddies used to laugh at and call his old second-hand bow the “Banjo Tech.” His Whisker Biscuit rest was frayed. His three-arrow quiver held two with old fixed-blade broadheads and one tipped with an expandable his brother gave him, which, because he’d never shot it, was his arrow of last resort.

Despite peer pressure, the Missouri bowhunter didn’t see the need to upgrade. He liked his setup just fine, thank you very much.

When the 2012 season opens, however, the Kansas City firefighter might have a bigger quiver and more arrows. And all of them might be wearing the same brother-approved, expandable heads.

While hunting last year, he dropped one of his arrows from his stand. And when the buck of his dreams later presented a gimme shot, he drilled a tree with his second.

Fortunately for Bill, his third and final arrow flew true, and the never-before-shot, hand-me-down broadhead turned the buck’s heart into a doughnut.

He was participating in a managed deer hunt along the bluffs of the Missouri River in Platte County, on land owned by Park University. The area stretches from Riverside to Weston, Mo.

“I got in on the tail end of the 2010 season and shot a doe,” he said. “The next year, I started right after the opening bell on Sept. 15.”

Bill spent as much time as he could muster away from work and family to scout and hunt.

“I had been hunting hard and had shot a couple of does, but I wasn’t seeing or hearing anybody else talk about any big bucks,” he said. “I moved my stand numerous times, figured the grass was greener and that the hunting would be better the farther back I could go.”

He was right.

Bill experienced one of those rare zoo-like mornings on Nov. 4. He’d just re-hung his bow after trying to lure a nice 10-pointer away from some does when the real bull of the woods appeared.

When he grunted at it, the 23-pointer came in at a trot.

With an official BTR score of 195 6/8 inches, Bill’s buck is No. 7 among Irregulars felled by compound bow in Missouri. Its composite (true gross) score is 217 1/8.

Lisa Price’s story about the harvest will appear in Rack magazine this fall.

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