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Arkansas Thriller

MooreBy Keith Moore

-- The rut was in full swing during the Arkansas rifle season, and I had seen several does acting very agitated at the end of a firebreak that I was hunting. 

I was watching them through my scope and noticed a set of antlers moving in the clearing from the left. When the buck moved into the opening and turned broadside, I didn't hesitate to take the shot. I had a 220-yard shot with a Browning 7mm. The deer didn't even flinch after I took the shot. Every doe around the buck scattered, but he stayed put. I assume the buck had but one thing on its mind. 

Frantic, I attempted to eject the casing and take another shot. But it was at that moment my trusty rifle jammed. So I had to dig in my pocket to find a knife and get the casing out of the gun, while keeping an eye on the biggest buck I've ever seen in my life. The buck began to move into a pine thicket just a few feet away from the firebreak. I finally got the chamber cleared and attempted to load another round. To my horror, the rifle locked up. I worked with the rifle for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I was back in business.

I looked up and barely saw the deer still standing in the firebreak. I took another shot. This time the deer bucked and leaped into the pine thicket. I got down and began walking the road, reviewing the events that just happened. The whole time I expected that I had missed with the second shot, and the deer had taken off. 

I arrived at the spot where I shot at the deer and began looking for blood. I saw nothing. I glanced up to my right where the pine thicket was and, to my relief and shock, the deer was about 10 yards from me. 

Upon inspecting the deer, my second shot from the treestand hit the buck. The 8-pointer is now on display in my office.  

Keith Moore
Russellville, Arkansas

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