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Arkansas hunter news round up

From the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

-- Bowhunters must wear orange during gun seasons.

Sure, hunters can hunt deer with archery equipment, including crossbows, or black powder weapons during the modern gun season, but they must follow hunter orange requirements and bag limits for the modern gun hunt.

This means following zone season and gender regulations for modern gun hunting. It also means that a bowhunter must wear hunter orange on the head and upper body at all times while hunting in the modern gun season. Modern gun season includes the youth hunts of Nov. 7-8 and Jan. 2-3 as well as the regular modern gun seasons that open Nov. 14. These close on different dates according to zone regulations.

A swimming deer can’t be taken by hunters.

Deer aren’t fish, but they’ll take to the water when they have to and with all of the water from the recent rains, many deer will do just that. They’re good swimmers , but they cannot be hunted while in the water, according to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission regulations.

Deer trying to escape danger may jump into a creek, river or lake and swim to safety. In the water, though, they are vulnerable and are moving much slower than on land. Let them go, according to the AGFC rules.

The rules also specify that deer may not be driven by a boat or captured from a boat. Deer may not be hunted from boats on any public waters. This means if a hunters are traveling in a boat and see a deer on the shore,  they can’t shoot it.

Eagle-eyed archers from Eagle Mountain Magnet claim world title.

In less than a year, Eagle Mountain Magnet School’s archery team went from nonexistent to world champion. But doing well in archery competitions is old hat for this rookie team.

The team was formed one month before the Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program’s state championship in February, where it took second place. The team finished eleventh at the national competition in Louisville, Ky., in May. The world competition, Oct. 9-10 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., was the icing on the cake.

Coach Susan Parker is as new to archery as many of the students she introduced to the sport. She said bows used in the competition are different from standard hunting bows, although some of her students are bowhunters.

The fledgling team practiced weekends, and before and after school. They even practiced through the summer.  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission provides instruction and safety training to team coaches and helps them with the grant process to pay for the official bows, targets and arrows. In its first year, the program has grown to include more than 26,180 students in 296 Arkansas schools, and it shows no sign of slowing.

“We have 12 schools waiting in the wings for grant money to get the equipment for next year,” said Curtis Gray, ANASP coordinator for the AGFC. “The program’s growth is just outstanding. And now we already have a world-champion team. I’d like to take credit for the success, but those kids are the ones who deserve the recognition. They really worked hard to achieve this success.”

For more information on ANASP and how to form a team, contact Gray, (501) 223-6437.

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