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Are You Leaving It Up To Chance?

Whitetail Deer
There's an old saying that in order to take a big buck you have to hunt somewhere that has big bucks. Most hunters realize the logic of that statement, but they tend to think about it on more of a state or regional level. It's even more important to think about that truism on your individual hunting plot, however.

Sure, many hunters take trophy bucks by sheer chance -- by setting up a stand near some buck sign and hoping something happens. The hunters who take more than one trophy buck in their lives, though, usually do so by hunting bucks they KNOW are there.

Check Out Our Video TipsScouting and even just glassing with binoculars helps these hunters zero in on specific bucks. You might not ever take a particular buck you're hunting in this fashion, but you will certainly increase your odds of taking a trophy if you have one picked out ahead of time and are hunting in his backyard.