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Appear, Deer!

Appear, Deer!

It's easy to enhance 'empty' trail cam photos

Tip Courtesy of Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES)

Have you ever scrolled through your trail cam photos and not paid much attention to the really dark ones that appear to have nothing in them? This can be a huge mistake!

Make a point to give those dark ones a little special attention with your computer's photo editing software.

In Photoshop (and most photo editing programs), go to "Image" > "Adjustments" > "Shadow/Highlights" in the dropdown menu.

You'll be surprised how well objects in nearly black photos are magically illuminated, and often a nice buck will be revealed!

You will also want to play with the "Brightness/Contrast" setting and try "Image" > "Adjustments" > "Exposure" in the dropdown menu.

With a little photo editing you can salvage many dark photos, as well as burned out or overexposed photos.

Don't be afraid to tinker with the files. You'll bring to light deer you didn't even know were in the frame!

Editor's Note:  At Buckmasters, we echo ACES' tip. Our editors and designers have used Photoshop's photo editing features to enhance trail cam photos countless times. We have discovered many unseen trophies after brightening a dark photo with the "Shadow/Highlights" filter and other filters in Photoshop. It really does work!

Also, you'll find more great hunting info by visiting the ACES website and LIKING their Facebook page.

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