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Rachelle Karl

By Mike Handley

If Kyle Sims were ugly or mean, his might be the name affiliated with the biggest typical whitetail that hit the dirt in Kansas in 2011.

Now he'll have to marry his girlfriend, Rachelle Karl, if he wants to see that buck hanging on his wall.

'"Go take a hunter safety course, and then we can go out.' That's what Kyle told me," laughs Rachelle. "He was a nice guy and cute, so I figured why not?"

Rachelle took the course in 2009 when she was 18. Afterward, she and Kyle began dating, which often meant trips to a local pasture with rifles. He taught her how to shoot.

Deer hunting was next.

After two fruitless seasons, she finally shot her first deer on opening day in 2011. Of course, that's almost like saying Leonardo DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa the first time he picked up a brush.

Rachelle and Kyle shared a ground blind that morning and were watching a pasture left in CRP. Shortly after 7:00, she spotted a doe and a buck walking in a draw about 300 yards distant, but getting closer.

"The next 15 minutes were the longest in my life," she said. "I was so excited!"

Kyle never indicated that the buck was anything special, although he knew it darn well was. He simply coaxed his girlfriend through the 200-yard shot, which was dead-on perfect. A second shot a minute or so later finished it.

"I was dancing around as we headed out to look at the buck," Rachelle said. "Kyle finally let on that I had shot one heck of a deer. I was shocked and in awe over how big it was."

The 192 3/8-inch buck (and that's not including the nearly 20-inch spread) earned her celebrity status in short order. It was later declared the King of Typicals for 2011 at the inaugural Monster Buck Classic in Topeka, and it's a state record within the BTR.

The second annual Monster Buck Classic is this weekend. I'll be there with a team of BTR measurers. Check their website for details.

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# Perkins
Thursday, January 24, 2013 9:20 AM
Wow! That's really nice----the buck is, too! :-)

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