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All Deer Are 3-D

Whitetail DeerIn the past we have talked about treestand shots and the possibility of hitting higher than we want to. That topic brings up another important point: shooting deer at angles -- and this information applies to bowhunters and gunhunters. First, not all angled shots are bad.  In fact, a quartering-away shot is fantastic because it really opens up the vitals. But it's important to think about these angled shots since your aim point should be adjusted according to the angle.

For example, in the previously mentioned quartering away shot, many shooters tend to keep their regular aim point of directly in the shoulder or just behind it. With the deer quartering away, however, the bullet or arrow could miss the vitals or, worse yet, deflect outward off the heavy muscle and bone of the shoulder. To compensate for that, the aim point for an angling away shot will be farther back in the ribcage.

Archers can get a great feel for these angles by shooting 3-D targets from various positions. Since the arrow remains in the target, bowhunters will see where they need to aim in order to take out the vitals. If you do this, you'll be shocked at how most bow shots will be outside the "point" areas that are etched into most 3-D targets. A trick both gunhunters and bowhunters can use is to picture the far side of the deer and aim accordingly.

Check Out Our Video TipsThe bottom line is to remember that deer are 3-D. So often we practice shooting at paper deer outlines and trying to hit that one small spot that we forget that the path of the bullet or arrow through the deer is MUCH more important than the initial point of impact.

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