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Action Shot!

Walter "Tuffy" Oyer

Trail camera captures Ohio hunter's moment of truth

By Walter "Tuffy" Oyer

I've been hunting since I was 10 years old, and feel I've been very successful through the years, and I've taken many nice deer.

Then in 2010, I thought I was the luckiest hunter ever when I shot an 18-point buck with my muzzleloader. It scored 214 5/8" (composite) in the BTR's Irregular category.

I wasn't willing to stop there, so all summer long I religiously filled my feeders and checked my trail cameras.

I'd seen a lot of good deer on the camera but nothing like my 2010 monster. Still, I anxiously waited for the 2011 bow season. When it arrived, I hunted every weekend and every evening after work.

On the evening of Oct. 4, 2011, I went to a field where I knew a farmer was combining. I planned to set up on the field's edge with my crossbow, sitting on the ground without a blind.

Walter "Tuffy" OyerWhen I arrived, I found the farmer had just quit for the evening. Instead of giving up, I headed to my nearby treestand to sit until dark.

It was about 6:30 p.m., and I'd seen nothing, when out of nowhere appeared someone riding a 4-wheeler. I was already discouraged, but this really disgusted me.

The ATV rider came within 20 yards of my treestand and didn't even see me sitting there.

I decided to continue sitting there anyway, just to clear my head before I headed home.

Thirty minutes later, I suddenly heard something beside me. I looked around and spotted what appeared to be a nice buck walking into some bushes.

As I patiently waiting to get another glimpse, it appeared again within 20 yards of me. I instantly realized this was a shooter and never hesitated. I took the shot.

The buck hit the ground before I could even put down my crossbow. I'd hit it high in the spine, so I gathered myself and got down out of my treestand to put another arrow in its chest.

Hunting Stories Wanted!I was blessed another awesome buck! It turned out to be a 10-pointer that scored 156 7/8 inches BTR.

When I finally got home with my buck and I could sit down and take a breath, I was anxious to check my trail camera and see what else had been lingering around that treestand.

As I flipped through those images, I found one of myself getting ready to shoot this deer. Wow! An action shot of me taking my trophy buck!

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