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A Wyoming Moose to Remember

ConstanteBy Jill Constante

-- I harvested my moose Sept. 28, 2007, around 7:40 p.m. It was the coolest experience of my life. After weeks of scouting, hiking and climbing, I saw more than 30 moose. Dustin was the best guide one could ask for. We ran into seven good bull moose before I was able to find the one for me.

On Friday night it was getting dark and the sun was just about to set, after waiting patiently for four hours to see any moose movement, my moose had arrived! I heard antlers crashing into trees and leaves. I knew this was the one before I even laid eyes on it. As I peered through my binoculars, I saw it! This moose was huge and cocky and still rubbing and swinging its antlers as it walked. This moose was the king of the valley.

I immediately called to Dustin, who was glassing on another nearby hill. Dustin made it to my location and was laughing at how excited I was at the sight of this moose. He led me toward the moose to get a closer shot. We walked until we were 175 yards from it.

Unfortunately, the moose saw us, took a turn and began to run away. I threw Dustin down on a rock so I could use his knee to balance my rifle. I fired. The moose froze but didn't quite fall over like it did in my dreams.

I fired again and the moose went down. Thanks go to Dustin, Toby and Marky for making my hunting trip a success. I couldn't have asked for a better hunt! Dustin took me to places I never knew or cared to know existed.

Jill Constante
Farson, Wyoming

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