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A Reward for Patience

Tim RagleBy Tim Ragle

-- In October 2006 I went on a bow hunt by myself in the northeast Indiana.  I got in my treestand before daylight, and stayed there all morning without seeing any deer. By noon, I climbed down and drove to the nearest gas station to find something to eat and drink. By 3 p.m., I was back.

This time, I set out buck urine and a scent fogger 15 yards away from my stand.  About 45 minutes later, I spotted a six-point buck 30 yards in front of me.  The buck went into the cornfield—about 15 feet inside the field.

I watched the buck eat corn from the stalks for about 20 minutes and then noticed a branch in front of me was in my way. I un-nocked my arrow, then reached out, using my bow and tried to grab it. I tried to twist it around another branch, but as I did that, it broke, making a swooshing noise. The buck came back out of the field, and it was apparent that it didn’t see me.

The buck walked straight toward me and veered right walking toward the scent bomb I’d set out earlier. I re-nocked my arrow, and as the buck stuck his nose right into the scent fogger, I drew all the way back. I shot the buck 15 yards away from me. It was very satisfying to learn I have the patience to wait all day, see a buck and then take it.

Tim Ragle
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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