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A Hunt I’ll Never Forget

NeumannBy Jay Neumann
-- I have a disability from an accident that happened on January 1, 1987. My neck was broken, which left me a quadriplegic. I use a gun rest with a sip mechanism to pull the trigger.

It had been more than 20 years since I’d been hunting, but a trip near Coleman, Texas, turned out to be my best hunt ever.

It was the second weekend in December. Tommy, the ranch owner, and I were sitting in a blind surrounded by bucks. After about an hour of watching about a dozen antlered deer, I decided on shooting a really pretty 7-pointer that had been in front of us all morning.

It was tall, wide and pretty, but missing a G3. I told Tommy it was the buck I wanted, so he said, “Go for it!”

I was just about to pull the trigger when he saw a monster 10-pointer headed our way from behind the feeder. 

“Don’t shoot yet!” Tommy whispered.

 The 10-pointer came in, but I couldn’t get my wheelchair in position to shoot. I could see the buck’s hind quarters in the scope, but was unable to swing the rifle far enough to put the crosshairs on the shoulder.

We thought the buck would move around and give me a shot. Well, luck wasn’t with us. The huge buck followed a doe out of the area.

Okay, back to trying for the 7-pointer. I was getting positioned to shoot when Tommy saw some movement out of the corner of his eye. A nice 8 pointer was approaching.  

It didn’t take long for me to decide it was the one I wanted. It only took about 10 seconds to aim and pull the trigger. The shot was good. I’d taken my biggest buck in over 22 years!

We went back to the cabin for pictures, breakfast and some big-time story-telling. Tommy was able to get the 10-pointer on video, and everyone got to see what buck fever will do.

It turns out the 10-pointer was standing right where I’d taken the 8-pointer. I was so pumped up with buck fever that I couldn’t get my brain to function to move the scope to the shoulder!

That evening, we returned to the blind. Several more bucks came out, along with a mature doe. I didn’t have any trouble putting the doe down, too.

We went back out Sunday morning, but it was uneventful. Tommy asked his wife to get the truck to load up. He and I were sitting and talking about how great the weekend had been when I said, “Turkey!”
Tommy looked out the window to see 30 or 40 wild turkeys running up to the feeder, pecking corn.

“As soon as one of the gobblers stands still,” he told me, “let him have it.”

The quiet surroundings were interrupted with a loud boom. The big bird dropped where it stood.

So, I got an 8-point buck, a big doe and my first wild turkey gobbler. It was awesome!

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