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2015 Yamaha Viking VI
Yamaha Announces All-New 2015 Viking VI Side-by-Side - Room for Six with Yamaha Performance and Durability; Assembled in USA 

Everybody Loves a Nut
The arrival of fall brings some welcome entrées for residents of the deer woods. That’s when acorns, beechnuts and other mast, hard and soft, mature and eventually drop to the ground, providing a nutritious change of diet for deer about to enter t...

Is a Bean Just a Bean?
You can buy generic food plot seed, but do you really want to grow something not developed just for deer?

Caldwell Introduces the Mag Charger
Simply put, the Caldwell AR Mag Charger revolutionizes the way ammo is handled and loaded into AR-15 magazines. It is designed to accept 50 loaded rounds directly from any common 50 round ammo manufacturer box or from aftermarket 50 round plastic ...

Uncle James
-- My oldest niece Briley, an eager 8-year old, had begged to go hunting with me for several years. After weeks of discussion and planning, the time finally arrived for her first trip. Still not comfortable enough with a rifle to hunt, she was ex...

Zeroing a Riflescope
Every year as the hunting season approaches, neighbors and friends start dropping by my house for assistance sighting their rifles. This occurs quite often not only because I have a range but also due to the fact that many hunters don’t know how t...

Five Hundred Reasons
Faced with enduring the constant belching of diesels and smell of dirt and fuel, most deer hunters would've thrown their trucks into reverse and left in their own cloud of dust - the sanctity of "prime time" ruined. Ben Spanjers thought about lea...

Zipper Fixer Upper
Have you ever had a cold weather jumpsuit, an article of hunting clothing or a piece of equipment that had to be thrown out because of the poor quality of the zipper?

What's Up With the G?
Did you ever wonder what the mysterious “G” stood for when you were reading about a buck’s antler points?

How To Approach Downed Game
In spite of what you might see on hunting shows, there are some very serious dos and don’ts when it comes to approaching a deer, or any wild animal, that you presume to be dead. The first rule is to approach the deer from downwind. If it is still...

Who Needs Fishing?
-- Let me preface this story by saying that my son Joseph is one of the best kids on the planet. Sure, I’m biased, but the kid has some amazing accomplishments under his belt, and he’s not even 13 yet. Joseph is an avid fisherman who ties his own ...

Gamo Outdoor USA
Gamo unveils the new Buckmasters Squirrel Terminator Air Rifle.

The Easy Way to Improved Performance
The big ram had been below us at the edge of the glacier, covered by ground fog. It wasn’t until my tough young guide, Striker Overly, had dragged me gasping into the sunshine well up the mountain flank that we even knew the full-curl Dall’s was s...

Sometimes it's the bow.
When I first started working for Buckmasters in 1997, it didn't take long to realize I was going to learn a lot from the people around me. One of the first really great tips I picked up was from former Buckmasters editor Russell Thornberry.

Chicken & Buttermilk Dunklins
Seems like most chicken and dumpling recipes are too thin and soupy for my taste. And they leave guests fighting for their fair share of dumplings. Not my recipe! When proportioning it out, I accounted for those common shortcomings and created the be...

Ripleys' Believe-It-Or-Not Buck
The first of two scheduled bowhunts at Camp Ripley, Minn., last season could be described as organized chaos. Yet South Haven archer Scott O’Konek isn’t complaining. The vast 53,000-acre military reservation about 90 miles northwest of Minneapoli...

A Buck for Grandpa
The 1976 Virginia firearms season was soon to open and, for the first time, Grandpa wasn’t going hunting with us. He was dying of black lung disease. Grandpa had worked in the coal mines for years, but now they were working on him. Grandpa had be...

How Long Have I Got?
All the talk about whitetail age classes begs the question: What’s a normal life span for a deer?

Turkey for Two
-- I love it when a plan ... falls apart. It just makes it that much sweeter when you make a new plan, get busted twice and still manage to bloody up the tailgate. As planned, we started the morning on the ground in front of a long narrow food pl...

Five Favorites for Deer
Shivering in the pre-dawn darkness, I burrowed even deeper into my down jacket. Opening morning of Utah’s mule deer season meant snow and near-zero temperatures. The crackling stars began to fade as the sky took on an orange tinge. Aspen trees gra...
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