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Antler Growth and Velvet
Bob, I have questions regarding antler growth. I ask because of an August 13, 2013 image caught on my trail cam of a very large adult buck in upstate New York.

Scent-Lok's Mike Andrews
Buckmasters lost a proud supporter, faithful colleague and wonderful friend this week in the passing of Scent-Lok's Mike Andrews. Anyone who has watched Buckmasters' television shows for the past 16 years will recognize Mike from the many hunts he ...

Pass It On Down
-- As someone born and raised in rural South Georgia, I'm blessed to have grown up knowing the joy and excitement of hunting deer, turkey, dove, quail and hogs. To this day, I can vividly recall getting buck fever when my first big whitetail appe...

Wet Weather Gun Barrel Tip
When I'm out on a muzzleloader hunt, I always take a small piece of electric tape and place the tape over the end of my gun barrel. This is really an advantage on rainy days and on mornings when heavy dew is falling.

Mathematical Functions
After twice bumping a 10-pointer that was every bit of 40 inches BIGGER than the 130ish 4x4 he'd shot during his trip to Illinois in 2003, Carson Bradford was painfully aware of how short three days can be. That's how long the state's first (of...

Better Bowhunting
A lady unfamiliar with archery can become intimidated the first time she watches another person shoot a bow. That’s especially true if the bow being shot is a compound outfitted with the latest high-tech gear. A longbow or recurve just looks less ...

Med School Hooky!
-- By the time I reached med school, I realized I hadn't drawn a bow since I was a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison three years earlier. School certainly prevented me from hunting as much as I'd have liked. Blame it on lots of midterms...

Are Deer Completely Color-blind?
Are deer completely color-blind? I've always been told they are, but I read comments in the July 29, 2013 Ask the Biologist about deer in the headlights and you mentioned colors.

Buck in the 'Burbs
Scott Esker and his twin brother, Steve, hunt seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. When not carrying a bow, they're packing a camera. "We scout every day as we go about our jobs, and every evening throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter," Sc...

Nationwide's Gas Saving Tips
In the last two years, average U.S. gas prices have risen from just over $3 per gallon to about $3.60, according to That's a lot to shell out for driving, so many Americans are looking to save any way they can.

Late Breeders & Big Eaters
The wind picked up, and the early December sky turned ash gray. From the steep lee side of my mountain treestand, I could only imagine what it was like on the western side. Mounting gusts let me know that a snow squall would soon arrive. The air w...

Strange Turkey Toe!
Bob, I shot this gobbler in Stantonsburg, North Carolina. Have you ever seen toenails like this on a turkey?

BBD (Bama Buck Down!)
-- Tuesday, December 14, 2009, started out like many days for Keith Maddox, rising before 5 a.m. to go hunting. Little did he know that what he'd see later that day would dominate his every thought for the next 17 days. The rut was in its early s...

Expo and ACES
As people started to fill the Montgomery Convention Center for the 2013 Buckmasters Expo recently, Jackie Bushman sat upstairs and wondered why it took so long to put two and two together.That simple arithmetic concerned the alliance recently comp...

Why Not a Wildcat?
Many historians would like us to believe that the Golden Age of Wildcatting was the 1920s and ’30s, but don’t you believe it. It’s now! Back in those days, only a handful of basic cases could be used to form wildcat cartridges; today there are lit...

Overlooked Delicacy
Backstraps and tenderloins are popular cuts of deer meat, but I never hear anyone talking about my favorite piece of the deer, venison flat iron steak.

Backyard Buck: Lost and Found
It all started with a new hire, Mark, whose desk faces mine. As we came to know one another, our conversations ranged from work, fishing and boating to hunting. Mark had bought a house on the outskirts of Winona Lake, Ind., less than half a mile ...

Buck in the Hand
To get a jump on the expected weekend warriors, Jerry Gibson of Petal, Miss., drove to his Newton County hunting camp on Friday, Oct. 5. The 2001 bow season had opened the previous Monday, but the real crowd wouldn’t be afield until Saturday and S...

I'm Only Seeing Small Bucks
For years I've only been seeing small bucks in my area, with only an occasional mature buck. Should I find a better hunting spot, or should I stick it out?

No More Pickin' on Paula
-- Back when my husband Craig and I were dating, my future father-in-law and I would aggravate each other to death, especially about hunting. Back then I'd never killed anything bigger than an insect. When we'd visit Craig's dad Tim he was always,...
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