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Postman Shoots Twice
I had been saving my vacation time from work for deer season, just like I have been doing every year since I became a rural mail carrier in central Oklahoma. When the 2007 bow season opened Oct. 1, it was so hot that it was hard to walk to my stan...

Needle in a Haystack
When James Essex of Cody, Wyo., traveled to his parents’ home in Missouri to deer hunt in the fall of 2003, he hoped to harvest a nice trophy. He wasn’t thinking about a record-book buck – any mature whitetail would do. The area produced the non-...

Food Plots & Planted Pines
Bob, I'm at wits end! I live and hunt in Louisiana on a nice lease. I took a 12-pointer my first year on this lease officially measured by a local BTR scorer at 159 2/8-inches, so we have good genetics.

My Unique Buck
-- It was early November during the 2012 youth season when I got my first buck. My boyfriend, Bryce, and I were hunting near Clarence, Mo., as we made our way to our deer stand. I remember it was dark outside, with no moon or light for us to see the ...

It's a snake, not an earthworm!
Brunswick, Ga., resident Lori Parker was sweeping wet leaves from her patio in April 2013 when she picked up a mat and saw a few earthworms underneath.

WV hunters take 10,974 spring turkeys
From West Virginia Division of Natural Resources -- Preliminary harvest figures for the 2013 spring gobbler season show West Virginia hunters checked in 10,974 bearded turkeys, a 32 percent increase over the 2012 harvest and 13 percent above the ...

Ruger's Upstart .375
No other cartridge has so dominated a caliber as the .375 H&H Magnum. Since its introduction in 1912, the mere utterance of “three-seven-five” has been all that’s needed for any hunter anywhere in the world to know exactly which cartridge you’...

No Longer the Doemaster
Ever since Tim Puhalla traded a time clock and regular paycheck for the feast-or-famine role as an outfitter, he's had to indulge his passion for deer hunting through the eyes and feats of paying clients. Without the luxury of having vacation days...

Dry Pull Your Bowstring
When I get to my stand, I do a dry pull of my bowstring. This means I attach my release and draw my bow then let it back down quietly. This simple measure helps take the popping noises out of a cold string and bow limbs before an animal arrives.

Scent-A-Way Wins Gold!
Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way products were given a gold first-place rating in the annual Predator Xtreme Reader's Choice Awards.

Remembering Bucky
Few white-tailed bucks reach the age of 10 1/2 in the wild. If hunters, poachers, parasites, injuries or tough winters don’t claim mature bucks before then, vehicles or predators do. Some bucks manage to beat the odds, though, and I was fortunate ...

What Sex is this Deer?
Bob, I found this photo on my trail camera. Is this a doe with a penis or a buck with no antlers? - Joseph C.

Hold off for the BIG One!
-- On November 26, 2012, my brother Bill and I left camp at 5:30 a.m. to go rifle hunting on our place in Tioga County, Penn. Before leaving, our brother Chris came downstairs to wish us well on a safe hunt. Later that day, I would remember his adv...

Pick Your Performance Range
A hunter wanting to push the limits of long-range shooting with more room for error needs a flat-shooting rifle. Remington’s .300 Ultra Mag, launching a 180-grain bullet at over 3,200 feet per second, is one of the flattest-shooting cartridges ava...

Ten Cooking Questions for Kristy Lee Cook
Q: If you were cooking dinner for Simon Cowell, what would you serve him? A: Probably Rattlesnake. Ha! No! In all seriousness, I would cook him something like elk steaks, sweet potato casserole, bread and salad. (I know rattlesnake sounds best for...

Wild Turkey Drumstick BBQ
Many of my fellow white-tailed deer hunters also love to hunt wild turkey. Here's the best turkey hunter's tip I can offer them, and one that too few hunters are aware of.

Bowhunting's Best Bull
They all stood 6 feet, 4 inches - as tall as Réal Langlois' 2008 Alaska-Yukon bull was wide. And the moose arrowed by the French Canadian on Sept. 18 had a lot more going for it besides width. It also carried enough points to challenge the current...

The Day My Son and I Went Hunting
If you had told me in late 2003 what the New Year would bring, never could I have prepared myself for the incredible season and the events that were going to unfold. Before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you about my son. His name was Eli Nee...

Why Do Deer Stomp?
I've noticed sometimes when I spook deer they snort and run off. Other times they stare in my directions and stomp their hooves. Why do they stomp like that?

Stars of the Trail Cam
-- Although my husband, Ed, and I live in New York, my story takes place in Georgia, less than 300 yards from the Chattahoochee River which separates Georgia and Alabama. I've lost count of how many times I've visited those woods, but some months...
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