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Last-Chance Ibex
Have you ever been on a stalk that was so physically exhausting that you actually wished the critter you were after would spook so you didn’t have to continue? I was almost at that point this past October hunting mid-Asian ibex in the Tien Shan mo...

Them's the Brakes
In November 2008, Greg Gagnard of Marksville, La., started seeing the big drop-tined buck on his trail camera. Although the camera also picked up several 3 1/2-year-old bucks, the big dropper was the dominant one in the area, and the one Greg want...

No. 1 Tip for No. 2
Although we don't often see the subject of going to the bathroom in the woods as a topic for hunting magazines, TV shows or websites, it's still an issue every hunter must face from time to time.

Sooner Surprise
It was a short drive from my home in the Texas panhandle to Woodward, Okla. The hunt with Cimarron Valley Outfitters was set up by my Arizona cousins Jimmy and Joey Savoini. They brought friends Randall Bryan and Doug Lindberg, and I met the crew ...

Johnny Chestnutseed
I own a farm in northwest Kansas. It’s only 80 acres, but has a river running through it. I’m building it up to be a sanctuary for wildlife. Kansas has a conservation tree planting program that seems attractive to me.

Kansas Has a New Hunter!
-- Two years ago, my son Bryce wanted to try deer hunting. At age nine, he wasn’t quite strong enough to draw poundage adequate for bowhunting, so we chose a rifle. During several outings, Bryce endured some very cold and harsh Midwest winter con...

Impromptu Bowhunt Ends with State Record
As Wayne Schumacher sat in his stand watching the late-afternoon shadows steadily darken, he briefly daydreamed about a huge 24-point buck that had been photographed near the property he was hunting. The thoughts that went through his head were no...

Choose Kids' Mentors Wisely!
My tip is for hunters to surround themselves with good people. Choose friends who challenge you to be an ethical hunter, a better sportsman, as well as people who give back to hunting so our great sport will be there for future generations.

Hunting sheds in Utah? Take ethics course
From Utah Division of Wildlife Resources -- Late winter and early spring is a tough time for elk, moose and especially deer in Utah. In fact, it's the worst time of the year for the animals.

Planting Persimmons
Bob, I want to plant persimmon trees in my food plots. How hard is it to raise them, and do persimmons require any special treatment other than keeping the deer off of them?

Veteran's Day Dream!
-- I was hunting in North Carolina on a very cold Veteran’s Day morning in 2013 with my 73-year-old, handicapped father when the flash of antlers caught our attention. Quickly, as the buck moved through the pines, I lifted my Savage muzzleloader ...

Old Timer's Bag o' Tricks
If you are like me, you enjoy saving and eating the heart and liver from your deer. The problem is getting these tasty parts out of the woods without losing them or making a mess.

2009's Coolest Buck?
On Nov. 30, opening day of Ohio's 2009 firearms season, Brian Stephens harvested an outstanding buck while hunting his 180-acre family farm in the southwestern portion of the state. The 40-year-old software developer has enjoyed spending quality t...

The Legend of Ol' Pigeon Toe
His broad track was distinct, sinking all the way down to his dew claws in the red soil along Tallawackee Creek. His long toes spayed under his considerable weight and his right front hoof turned sharply inward, making his track quite recognizable...

Do Deer Move in the Rain?
According to results from one study conducted by Dr. Mickey Hellickson in Texas, deer movement did not change during a 0.85-inch rain event, but increased 70 percent during a 2-inch rain event.

Station Me in Ohio!
-- I'm 29 years old and am currently serving in the United States Coast Guard. The service has kept me moving around for the past five years. Because I have been hunting since I was 10 years old and I’m a big advocate for archery and bowhunting, I...

Ruger's No. 1 Light Sporter
The Ruger No. 1 single-shot rifle hit dealers shelves in 1967. The bolt-action M77 was a rifle for the masses, but the No. 1 was classy. Bill Ruger was a classy kind of guy. He liked the lines of the Gibbs Farquharson rifle and got his design team...

Rake Away the Crunchables
One of the most important aspects of deer hunting is getting to and from our treestands quietly. Without silent entries and exits, deer are alerted to our presence which decreases our odds of success.

My Bayonet Buck
His story, like many father-and-son hunting stories, begins with a confession: While I want to spend more time hunting with my dad, I find myself too busy to make good on my promises. In my case, a high- school and college football career pretty m...

Bald Spots on Deer
Bob, I watch a lot of hunting shows and have always wondered why so many deer, especially the big ones in places like Iowa and further up north, oftentimes have large sections of hair missing on their backs and sides?
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